How to daisy chain wireless routers – Make chain of 2 wireless routers

How to daisy chain wireless routers is your preferred question right? That’s why your are here. We will guide you through the step by step procedure and at the end you will be able to properly daisy chain two wireless routers with each other.

Problems that you usually face without daisy chaining the wireless routers

If you are using a wireless router, then you probably know that as there are some places in your home where there are less quality signals. You need to have full internet access throughout your entire house right? Then why your router doesn’t transmit signals to some places of your home?

This is a question that arises into many people mind due to difficulties they face if they don’t have access to internet in some places of their home or if the signals are weak in some places of the home.

Another thing to consider even before reading the entire guide on how to daisy chain wireless routers is that if you have a large home then it will become necessary for you that your router should be able to provide the same quality signals to each and every place of your home.

If there are multiple users that uses internet on daily basis by sharing the exact same router, then you will face problems if there are some places that has weak signal strength through your router. So, here comes the solution for this problem.

Requirements to daisy chain wireless routers?

Ethernet cable that you will use to connect both of the routers with each other.

The second router that you want to connect with your network.

How to Daisy Chain Wireless routers?

How to daisy chain wireless routers - Make chain of 2 wireless routers

Here is the list of steps you need to take in order to daisy chain wireless routers.

We will connect two wireless routers using Ethernet cable. Also, one more thing to mention here is that if you need to follow these steps, you should already have a wireless network setup. We will connect the second router with your already working first router.

Step 1: – Connecting The Router with Computer

In the first step, your new router that is router 2 should be connected to your computer. If you haven’t already then connect your router with the computer.

Step 2: – Login and Configure Router 2 settings

Now you need to login and configure settings of router 2. If you don’t know the settings of router then you can simply reset the router and then follow the instructions to configure the router properly.

Step 3: – Disable DHCP from router 2 settings

In order to allow your router 1 the ability to assign IP addresses to different devices that are connected to the network, you need to disable DHCP on your router 2. What this will do? is to allow the first router to assign IPs to devices.

This is very important step to do because without disabling DHCP on your router 2, the network will not work properly.

Step 4: – Grab information about IP range of 1st router

Here you need to find out the subnet mask of your first router as well as the IPs addresses range that the router is using.

Step 5: – Assigning a Static IP to second router

Once you successfully follow the step 4 then you will be able to assign a static IP to your second router but remember to keep the static IP not in the range of router 1 IP. Your static IP that you will assign should be different.

For example, if your router 1 has IP then it would be better if you assign the router 2 an IP that is This will be a good practice to avoid errors and issues.

Step 6: – Daisy chain wireless routers

Now comes the very easy step to connect or daisy chain wireless routers, is to connect both routers with a LAN port. So, if you followed so far you should successfully connected router 2 with router 1 using a LAN port.

Step 7: – Setup a Password to Router 2 so you can access settings later on

It is time for you to assign a password to router 2. Once you successfully assigned a password to router 2 then you adjust and change any settings that you require.

What if you need to login to your Router 2?

Now if you need to login to router 2, you can simply login by using the static IP that you had assigned the router 2 above. Just open any web browser that you like and type the IP that you’ve assigned to router 2.

Once you type the IP as the URL then you would be asked for the password, Enter it and now you will be successfully logged in to your router 2 settings. You can manage each and everything there.

Conclusion: –

I hope your answer about how to daisy chain wireless routers is cleared after reading this comprehensive and detailed guide. I you haven’t be able to follow any step or you are getting some error, then feel free to ask it and we will solve your issue.

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Also, make sure to follow the above steps as they are to get the expected results.


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